Business description

Construction, expansion, and renovation of various electrical facilities

  • Substation equipment (low voltage, high voltage, extra high)
  • Electrical equipment in factories and buildings
  • Outdoor lighting equipment
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Light electrical equipment
  • Design and construction of electrical work, telecommunications work, machinery and equipment installation work, construction management and contracting
  • Sales and installation of housing equipment and machinery
  • Sales and installation of household appliances
  • Maintenance

Design, manufacture and installation of distribution boards and automatic control panels

  • Design and installation of distribution boards using control equipment
  • Programming

Other than electrical work

  • Nurse call system
  • Entrance / exit management system
  • Weighing system
  • Installation work and maintenance inspection of equipment related to crime prevention, fire prevention, disaster prevention and safety
  • Construction and maintenance of surveillance cameras and small cameras
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